4 - School Rules

As a student, it is your responsibility to learn and obey the rules of the school. These rules are formal and the application of them is not open for discussion; they may not be bent or broken. These rules are the direct result of the application of these four concerns:

Common Sense
Respect for Others
Legal Issues

Learn these by heart!

  1. Absolutely no use of Tae Kwon Do techniques outside the Dojang except:
    1. During supervised tournement action;
    2. In complete privacy at home or outdoors;
    3. In emergency situations.
  2. Footwear will be removed on entry to the Dojang. Place footwear items in the shoe bay (by the railing) and leave them there until you are ready to leave the Dojang. At no time during the Tae Kwon Do class will any footwear of any kind be allowed on the training surface.
  3. Absolutely no food or drink will be brought into the training area at any time - there are no exceptions. The training area is to be considered exclusively a formal working area. Gum chewing is not permitted anywhere in the school building.
  4. There will be absolutely no smoking or use of chewing tobacco anywhere in the building at any time by anyone. There are no exceptions. You may, however, wear medicating patches that supply you with addiction relief.
  5. Uniforms will be clean and neat at the beginning of each class. This shows respect for your fellow students, the school, and your instructor. Wash them after use, and remember to hang them up at night to prevent wrinkling. Do not lay your rank belt on the floor; this is disrespectful. The only time a belt should hit the floor is when it is around someone's waist.
  6. Conversation before and after class will be as quiet as possible. Work hard to ensure that you do not disturb others as they study with irrelevant discussions.
  7. Absolutely no "playing" or roughhousing at any time. Tae Kwon Do is uniquely dangerous when used carelessly - "screwing around" can get you injured, as well as expelled from the school.
  8. Absolutely no sparring or breaking without supervision. These techniques are very dangerous and must be monitored continuously by an instructor or sabumnim himself. Violation can result in being expelled from the school.
  9. Students must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class in order to stretch and perform other mandatory warmup techniques. If you fail to arrive in time to warm up, you may not be allowed to participate in that class, at the instructor's option. The school opens 1/2 hour before each class; do not arrive earlier than 1/2 hour before class, especially on nights when the aerobics class is in session.
  10. No gossip; no namecalling; no rudeness; no bragging. Absolutely no small-minded activity will be tolerated. Your fellow students, your instructor and the school itself are to be treated with great respect.
  11. The training area is to be kept absolutely clean. Any litter or mess is to be cleaned up immediately; equipment is not to be left lying around.
  12. The washroom is to be maintained in a spotless condition. Take the extra time to ensure that you leave it fresh for the next person. Wash your hands before you leave the washroom.
  13. Tuition is due on the day of each month that you joined, and covers your obligations for the month the day is in no matter how many days each particular month has. If you need extra time to pay, see the instructor.
  14. No leaning on the mirrors; no contact exercises within four feet of the mirrors. This is for your own safety.
  15. Foot salves, powders & creams are not allowed on your feet when you are within the school. These products destroy the uniform texture and tractive surface of the workout area, and in some cases increase risk to the students due to either slipping or sticking.
  16. No use of the toughening facilities is permitted unless you have specifically signed up for this optional portion of the training. It must be understood that use of toughening facilities requires both proper technique to avoid serious injury and also incurs deformity and a potential for early arthritic onset.
  17. When entering the Dojang, bow into the training area towards the American and South Korean flags. This is an act of respect to the school in general, and also is a means to pay homage to those individuals who have been responsible for the development of Tae Kwon Do as a formal martial art and training system. It is not a political act and conveys no obligation to the political system of either country.
  18. All jewelry is to be removed before class. This includes rings, watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, ankle trinkets and so forth. Jewelry can cause serious unintended injury quite easily and that is the reason for this rule. The only exception is smoothly-contoured, low-profile wedding bands. As these present little danger even if hit, they are excepted from the rule. Piercings may require removal of the associated device. Devices that cannot be removed may prevent acceptance at the school.
  19. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to teach any technique to someone who has not been introduced to that technique formally by an instructor in the normal course of training unless an instructor specifically authorizes you to. Even so, it is to be understood that such authorization only applies for that one instance.
  20. If you bring visitors, they must remain outside the training area and within the seating area near the windows provided for this purpose. They are to be completely silent during the formal class; no smoking, eating or chewing is permitted anywhere in the seating area or the training area. Drinking from water bottles is permitted in the seating area. Crying, talking, or otherwise uncontrolled children are not allowed in the building. Infants are not allowed in the building under any circumstances.
  21. Animals are not allowed in the building without the instructor's specific permission.
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