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Tae Guek Il Jang - a 15 stage pattern

Tae Guek Il Jang from the Joon Be position:

Left hand short chamber

  1. turn 90 left, high left frontstance, left lowblock

  2. advance high right frontstance, right middlepunch

  3. turn 180 right, high right frontstance, right lowblock

  4. advance high left frontstance, left middlepunch

  5. turn 90 left, left frontstance, left lowblock... ...right middlepunch

  6. turn 90 right, high right frontstance, left middle inward block

  7. advance high left frontstance, right middlepunch

  8. turn 180 left, high left frontstance, right middle inward block

  9. advance high right frontstance, left middlepunch

  10. turn 90 right, right frontstance, right lowblock... ...left middlepunch

  11. turn 90 left, high left frontstance, left highblock

  12. right frontkick, advancing... ...high right frontstance, right middlepunch

  13. turn 180 right, right high frontstance, right highblock

  14. left frontkick, advancing... ...high left frontstance, left middlepunch

  15. turn 90 right (on right foot) left frontstance, left lowblock... ...advance right frontstance, right middlepunch, kihap

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