12 - Second Yellow Belt

Information for 2nd Yellow Belt students

Congratulations on earning your 8th kup (2nd yellow) belt in Tae Kwon Do.

12.1 - What You Will Learn in Second Yellow Belt

As a 2nd yellow belt, you will refine the techniques you learned as a white belt, and as a yellow belt.

You will learn several new blocking techniques and an important striking technique, the "hammerfist." Three additional three-step self-defense sequences are learned.

You will learn three additional Poom Se. These are more difficult than the seven forms you learned as a white and yellow belt. You should be aware that these new forms are in addition to the forms you already know. You must continue to develop the white and yellow belt forms as well as study the three new 2nd yellow belt forms.

12.2 - The Second Yellow Belt Examination

To pass the examination to promote to green belt, you will have to perform all of the ten forms you have learned, and the sabumnim will expect to see all the forms done with considerable skill. The white and yellow belt forms should be very well developed.

To "develop" in this context means to improve in all ways. When we describe these forms (and other techniques) as "those you already know" there is no implication that you know them "completely." This is not possible. Pay attention that we did not say it was hard — we said it was not possible. All techniques can be improved with study — there are no exceptions — and that is how Tae Kwon Do is approached!

12.3 - Specific Information For 2nd Yellow Belts

12.3.1 - Korean Terms learned during 2nd yellow belt training

Kup — rank, like "dan", but counts in reverse order. Lower is more advanced.

12.3.2 - Chambers learned during 2nd yellow belt training

Double fist chamber for double fist block
Hammer chamber for hammer fist

12.3.3 - Blocks learned during yellow belt training

Double soo do low block
Double fist low block
Double fist middle block

12.3.4 - Hand Strikes learned during yellow belt training

Hammer Fist strike

12.3.5 - Self-Defense techniques learned during 2nd Yellow Belt training

Three step / Sameside highblock / step in, double elbow strike
Three step / Sameside highblock / step out, dbl middle punch ribs
Three step / Sameside highblock / front snap to solar plexus
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