10.10 - Basic Techniques

10.10.1 - Stances

Stances have three basic elements. The first consists of the motions made in order to enter the stance. These transitions may be made with a step or turn, in which case there are clockwise and counterclockwise entries; or they may be made as a modification of the previous stance.

The second is the arrival into the stance, which is typically a transition between motion and stillness, accompanied by an accellerating snap that delivers bodily stability and assists in delivering power to striking and/or blocking techniques.

The third is the stance itself, considered as a static, or still, moment in time. In patterns, each move or combination of moves in the case where more than one move is considered a step, is typically followed by a beat of stillness that serves to isolate the practicioner's balance, technique, and style.

10.10.2 - Moa soh ghi (feet together stance)

This stance only refers to the position of the feet; they are placed together, side by side.

10.10.3 - Cheri ut soh ghi (attention stance)

At the command "cheri ut!", come to moa soh ghi, hands open, palms turned inwards, with the motion ending with a firm slap of the palms against the hips / upper leg (arms are straight — you slap the body where the hands naturally find themselves.) This is a formal stance; don't talk, look around, fuss with your hair, etc. Just stand there, be patient, and pay attention.

10.10.4 - Choom bi soh ghi (ready stance)

Basic entry into choom bi soh ghi is from attention stance, as the first element of preparing to execute a pattern. Entry is accomplished by moving the left foot to the left until the feet are shoulder-width apart. The hands are drawn up from the sides in fists until they are about 20° at the elbow and the fists are palms up at the chest; then the hands are snapped downwards, palms turning inward, until the fists reach belt level, where they snap into stillness. The final stance has the body precisely balanced between your two feet; this means that as you left foot moves, your body follows until it achieves balance between your feet.

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