19 - Third Red Belt

Congratulations on earning your 1st kup (1st Red) belt in Tae Kwon Do. This is the last gup prior to earning the first dan black belt. Fewer than 2% of students actually get this far; and only half of those make it to black belt. Hone your techniques to the absolute best you can make them!

19.1 - What You Will Learn in Third Red Belt

As a 3rd Red belt, you will continue to refine the techniques you have learned to this point.

You will learn three additional Poom Se:

Chul Gi Sam Dan
Tae Guek Pal Jang
Bat Sai Sho

As usual, these forms are in addition to the twenty-eight forms you have already learned.This will complete the 31 form set required to obtain a 1st dan black belt from the Mi guk tae kwon do ji do kwan.

19.2 - The Third Red Belt Examination for First Dan Black Belt

To pass the examination for your 1st dan black belt, you will have to perform all of the following thirty-one forms:

Ki Cho Il Bo, Ki Cho E Bo, Ki Cho Sam Bo, Tae Keuk Cho Dan, Pyung An Cho Dan, Tae Guek Il Jang, Tae Keuk E Dan, Pyung An E Dan, Tae Guek E Jang, Tae Keuk Sam Dan, Pyung An Sam Dan, Tae Guek Sam Jang, Pyung An Sa Dan, Tae Guek Sa Jang, Pyung An Oh Dan, Tae Guek Oh Jang, Tae Guek Yook Jang, Tae Guek Chil Jang, Tae Guek Pal Jang, Palgwe Il Jang, Chul Gi Cho Dan, Bat Sai Sho, Palgwe E Jang, Chul Gi E Dan, Palgwe Sam Jang, Chul Gi Sam Dan, Palgwe Sa Jang, Palgwe Oh Jang, Palgwe Yook Jang, Palgwe Chil Jang, Palgwe Pal Jang.

All forms must be crisp and precise — mistake free. You will have to show your knowledge of Hangul.You will read all 28 form names. All self-defense techniques will be demonstrated; as will all takedown techniques. You will demonstrate your Korean vocabulary. You will write and turn in an original four-page essay, double-spaced, describing what achieving first dan means to you. Do not ask the black belts or the instructor for sample or example essays: this must be written entirely in your own words. It's not a grammar or spelling test, it's a window into your thinking.

Additional requirements may be made known to you just prior to, and at the time of the test. Careful attention to detail during normal training will prepare you to meet such requirements. Don't assume anything. Power, speed, balance, calm, focus, precision & control!

19.3 - Specific Information For Third Red Belts

19.3.1 - Self-Defense techniques learned during 3rd Red belt

Hapkido move #11, countering high punch strike #2; Opponent right-high punches you from front:

High left outward knifehand block
Center step in right leg, turn right hip into opponent's center
Right arm behind opponent's torso
Pull opponents hand away, pull opponent's back after hand
Pop right hip up and takedown

Hapkido move #12, countering high punch strike #3; Opponent right-high punches you from front:

High left outward knifehand block
Right step past opponents right leg
Turn hip into opponent's pelvis
Place right hand behind opponents left waist
Pull opponent's right hand down, simultaneously pull at waist across your hip, takedown

Hapkido move #13, countering head punch in kneeling position; Both kneeling, Opponent brings right knee step-up & right punches to your face:

Left high outward block, bring left knee up
Grab wrist, reverse knifehand opponent's right knee

Hapkido Move #14, countering half-encircle grab from behind in kneeling position; Opponent grabs over right shoulder, under left shoulder:

Bring right knee up
Grab elbow over right shoulder with your right hand
Grab wrist under left shoulder with left hand
Rotate opponent over right shoulder, takedown
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