18 - Second Red Belt

Congratulations on earning your 2nd kup (2nd Red) belt in Tae Kwon Do.

18.1 - What You Will Learn in Second Red Belt

As a 2nd Red belt, you will continue to refine the techniques you have learned to this point.

You will learn three additional Poom Se:

Palgwe Pal Jang, Chel Gi E Dan, Tae Guek Chil Jang.

As usual, these three forms are in addition to the twenty-two forms you have already learned. You must continue to develop the white belt through first red belt forms while you work on your three new second red belt forms.

18.2 - The Second Red Belt Examination

To pass the examination for your third red belt, you will have to perform the following twenty-eight forms:

Ki Cho Il Bo, Ki Cho E Bo, Ki Cho Sam Bo, Tae Keuk Cho Dan, Pyung An Cho Dan, Tae Guek Il Jang, Tae Keuk E Dan, Pyung An E Dan, Tae Guek E Jang, Tae Keuk Sam Dan, Pyung An Sam Dan, Tae Guek Sam Jang, Pyung An Sa Dan, Tae Guek Sa Jang, Pyung An Oh Dan, Tae Guek Oh Jang, Tae Guek Yook Jang, Tae Guek Chil Jang, Palgwe Il Jang Chul Gi Cho Dan, Palgwe E JangChul Gi E Dan, Palgwe Sam Jang, Palgwe Sa Jang, Palgwe Oh Jang, Palgwe Yook Jang, Palgwe Chil Jang, Palgwe Pal Jang.

The white, yellow, second yellow, green, second green, blue, second blue, and first red belt forms should be well developed; the second red belt forms should be crisp and precise — mistake free.

You will have to identify the 14 Hangul consonants and the 21 Hangul vowels; you will have to indicate which vowels are simple, which are derived vowels, and which are compound vowels. You will detail each compound vowel's origins.You will read, from the Hangul, all twenty eight form names.

All self-defense techniques will be demonstrated; as will all takedown techniques.

18.3 - Specific Information For Second Red Belts

18.3.1 - Self-Defense techniques learned during 2nd Red belt

Hapkido move #6, Escaping double grab to shoulders; Opponent grabs your shoulders, right-right & left-left:

Bring left arm across both grabbing hands, Lock your hand onto the top of attackers hand (Wrap fingers around) Step back with your left leg, rotate attacker's arm across you Lock attacker's elbow with your right hand; Continue to turn opponent away from you — rotate them out of control

Hapkido move #7, Escaping double grab to shoulders; #2 Opponent grabs your shoulders, right-right & left-left:

Grab opponents shoulders back, and knee strike to abdomen

Hapkido move #8, countering middle punch; Opponent right middle punches:

Step to left, grabbing attackers wrist from outside with right Pull wrist in same direction as punch, off-balancing opponent; Pull wrist down as opponent's balance transfers forward; Pull wrist back as opponents balance transfers down ...Opponent rotates forward overbalanced, takedown

Hapkido move #9, countering middle punch strike; Opponent right-middle punches you from front:

Left outward block; Rotate left hand over attacker's arm, grab wrist; Advance left front stance; Reverse knifehand rear of attackers right knee, Simultaneously pull hand which drops attacker

Hapkido move #10, countering high punch strike; Opponent right-high punches you from front:

High left outward knifehand block Rotate left hand over attacker's arm, grab wrist Pull wrist out left... Simultaneously hook attacker's right knee, takedown
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