16.4.2 - Pyung An Oh Dan - A 20 stage pattern

Pyung An Oh Dan from the Joon Be position:

  1. Turn 90 left to back stance, left outward block, right/left middle punch
  2. Stand up and turn right 90, fists right over left on left, snapping fists to left over right on right
  3. Turn 90 right to back stance, right outward block, left/right middle punch
  4. Stand up and turn left 90, fists left over right on right, snapping fists to right over left on left
  5. Advance right front stance, double fist middle block (right leads)
  6. Advance left front stance, low xblock, high x-block (capture staff)
  7. Advance right front stance, right middle punch, Kihap!
  8. Pivot 180 to left front stance, right inward block
  9. Right outside crescent, step down into horse stance, right low block
  10. Look 180 left (forward again), & left backfist
  11. Turn left hand palm open, right outside crescent to palm
  12. Drop from wheel kick into opposite horse, right elbow into left palm
  13. Step x stance (left behind right), right outward block
  14. Backstance; turn head left 90
  15. Concurrent right uppercut and lift left leg
  16. Jump back x stance, (left behind right), right low block
  17. Open to deep right front stance, scissor block (right outward)
  18. Stand up to ready, hands remain in same position
  19. Snap look left, pivot left 180
  20. Drop to deep front stance, scissor block (left outward), Kihap!
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