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Tae Guek Oh Jang - a 20 stage pattern

Tae Guek Oh Jang from the Joon Be position:

  1. Turn left 90, left frontstance, left lowblock

  2. Stand up right 90 (front) to ready, left hammerfist

  3. Turn right 90, right frontstance, right lowblock

  4. Stand up left 90 (front) to ready, right hammerfist

  5. Slide left foot forward, left frontstance, left-right an maki

  6. Advance right frontkick, right frontstance, right backfist, left an maki

  7. Advance left frontkick, left frontstance, left backfist, right an maki

  8. Advance right frontstance, simultaneous right backfist to face

  9. Pivot left 270, backstance, left dbl knifehand block

  10. Advance right frontstance, simultaneous center right elbowstrike (left hand holds right fist)

  11. Pivot right 180, backstance, right dbl knifehand block

  12. Advance left frontstance, simultaneous center left elbowstrike (right hand holds left fist)

  13. Pivot 90 left, left frontstance, left lowblock, right an maki

  14. Advance right frontkick, right frontstance, right lowblock left an maki

  15. Keep your right foot in place, pivot 90 left, slide left foot forward into left frontstance, left highblock

  16. Right sidekick, right highpunch, drop into right frontstance, left elbow into right palm

  17. Pivot 180 right, right frontstance, right highblock

  18. Left sidekick, left highpunch, drop into left frontstance, right elbow into left palm

  19. Pivot 90 left, slide out with left foot, left lowblock right an maki

  20. Right frontkick, Leap forward with right, cross left behind right, right backfist, to face & Kihap!

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